Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Icarus Allsorts

                                                               Pride comes before a fall

                                                                     SPLASH !!!

                                                            Gone from this place

                               Silence only

                                                   Earthly delight

                                                                              Soundless in oblivion

                                                                                                                     Silent night

                                                                       Mr Icarus Rising..

                 Glowering, stammering
                                                             Headache hammering
Tears fall shimmering
                                       Hope comes a glimmering

             Rising from ground zero
                                                        Remade  Remodelled 

                                                                    Our hero..


                       Found peeled
                                                                Apart for apart’s sake

                                        Icarus rising, reach for the light
                                                                      Icarus risen
                                               All wrong but alright !

Born again bruised, broken and beaten
             He stands and delivers..
                                                           Howls of frustration

                                    Lust for life lost 
                                                  Fallen from favour
                                                                 Lie about failure
                                                                              Promise the future..

                                                               Perfection in flight

       Flight of fancy
                  From salt water solution..
                                                                To new resolution

Waxing and waning
                                    Spend time in training
                                                                             Sleep while the sun shines

                                                       Fly while it’s raining

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