Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Beaten and broken into pieces
We lay like lovers do

Ecstatically drained

Eternally blue

Repent now at leisure 
Reassembled in haste
Various woods 
Pieces of waste

We were found cut 
Already shaped
Marked and scarred
Wanting in taste


Lost in the waste box
Down in the dumps
Lie around broken
Bruises and lumps

Hopeless and helpless
lost in space
one of us a foot
Another was a face

We are survivors
We are the new
You are the many
We are the few

Put us together
Unite us in fun
I am a robot
He is a gun

Refuged and refreshed
Reformed and reshaped
Recently enmeshed
Lately escaped

We are survivors
No longer lost
Paying the price
Bearing the cost

We are survivors
No longer depraved
Show us forgiveness

We are the saved


Our maker..
Saviour would be wrong
A little strong 
Don’t you think?
Creates us

Not in his image 
But in his imagination
He sees us 
Not for what we are 
But for
What we could be

He facilitates our rebirth 
Engineers our resurrection

He makes us 
He saves us

He loves us

He paints us 
He identifies us

We are survivors

We are light of heart 

 Contemplative, Reminiscent

We are not lonely

We are grateful

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Icarus Allsorts


                                                               Pride comes before a fall

                                                                     SPLASH !!!

                                                            Gone from this place

                               Silence only

                                                   Earthly delight

                                                                              Soundless in oblivion

                                                                                                                     Silent night

                                                                       Mr Icarus Rising..

                 Glowering, stammering
                                                             Headache hammering
Tears fall shimmering
                                       Hope comes a glimmering

             Rising from ground zero
                                                        Remade  Remodelled 

                                                                    Our hero..


                       Found peeled
                                                                Apart for apart’s sake

                                        Icarus rising, reach for the light
                                                                      Icarus risen
                                               All wrong but alright !

Born again bruised, broken and beaten
             He stands and delivers..
                                                           Howls of frustration

                                    Lust for life lost 
                                                  Fallen from favour
                                                                 Lie about failure
                                                                              Promise the future..

                                                               Perfection in flight

       Flight of fancy
                  From salt water solution..
                                                                To new resolution

Waxing and waning
                                    Spend time in training
                                                                             Sleep while the sun shines

                                                       Fly while it’s raining

The Gun In The Man


I found his head first
Lurking in the waste box in shop

Mr Cut-out Gun
Lying in pieces in the scrap box
Blending in.

Grinning with satisfaction
  Grimacing with pain

The pain of separation

The just a little pain of parting..
from the barrel of a gun.

The body lay still 
Beside the head 

But on another level entirely

All a sort a empty

Discharged and dischuffed.

The Assassin..


The killer..


The Grim Reaper..


Of arms and legs there was no sign

Shuffled off
 No doubt

Along with humanity..

 The grace of God

And all chance of redemption.

You can't take the gun out of the man
 And you can’t take the man out of the gun.


Wheels for mobility

 Testify to loss

Half man
Half machine
The cyborg rolls around in pain and disbelief.

Beware the cyborg

 Little person

What rolls around in pain..

Comes around again

 And again.